Sikh Wedding Celebrations with Blissful Custom and Rituals

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Sikh wedding is cultural and religious custom based ceremony offers a heavenly union to the Sikh bride and groom for an entire life. Sikh marriage is also known as ‘Anand Karaj’ allows a couple to enter in a lifetime partnership for accomplishing matrimonial responsibilities. This is most commonly performed in ‘Gurudwara’ in the presence of the officiant and assembled guests. It is described with a brief description Sikh bride and groom takes four ‘Lavaan’ around ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ Ji as God is the major officiant gives them consent to spend whole life happily. These are such pleasant customs and traditions adhered in the hope of seeking blessings for good luck and peaceful ending of a marriage ceremony. These are staple customs and traditions followed by Sikhs during wedding ceremonies that are the major essence of culture and religion.

What might be an initial essential element of Sikh marriage that is only shopping for Sikh bride and groom for wedding attire and accessories? When it comes to their particular choice to buy fantastic garments of a groom a traditional heavy Sherwani and a bridal choice is to buy an awesome lehenga that is really an utmost trendy wear.

Engagement Ceremony
Kurmai (engagement) is a traditional family type affair where bride’s family visits the groom house by keeping awesome gifts and custom ingredients like fruits, sweets and dry fruits etc. On this day father of the bride gifts a gold ring and gold kara to the groom by accepting him as a future son-in-law. As well as a bride is gifted with a traditional necklace (mangalsutra) what she wears around her neck but only for some special occasion.

Chunni Ceremony
During this ceremony the groom’s family visits to the bride’s house for participating in chunni custom occasion where only some close friends and relatives are invited. In this way, mother of groom takes initiative by offering a traditional ‘Phulkari adorned chunni as well as she draws a little mehendi design on the bride’s palm.

Welcoming Of the Procession
Sikhs are gleeful organize a grand function for welcoming groom and procession with full or respect or honor. They host delicious feast with a different variety of sweets, fruits and spicy food. A groom arrives at the wedding venue to pick up her better half by taking four lavaan.

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