Punjabi Wedding Ceremony Guide Canada With Best Hues

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Punjabi wedding is one of the most beautiful one where the culture and the tradition marries each other. The marriage starts with many of the steps where it is all about connecting between the family of the bride and groom which can be termed as Milni and then the color flows through the every part of life. Whether, it is carrying the turban or the thought of coming on a Ghodi or baghi every inch in the marriage is full of hue and style of a different kind which is a one in a million approach towards understanding each other and continuing the life full of laughter and giggles which is part of life.

Taking off the shoes is necessary in the Gurdwara is important but in most of the cases today the Akal Takht Sahib Ji is carried with full respect on the head of the Bride’s father to the ceremony if it is getting conducted in Hotel or any other banquets which is permissible if the marriage is happening offshore. In the hall Groom and bride get seated and the family members sit on both side and the woman folk along with men folk transcend a gap in between thus creating a passage to the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Granthi’s podium.

The ideal way to take sit is to get on the floor with legs crossed but anyhow the leg should not point towards Akal Takht Sahib and the old couples are given a seat at the back so that they should not feel pain. It generally takes 45 minutes and gets wrapped before noon as much of the wedding is of daytime and the Gurdwara Sahib arranges for the langar where sweet pudding or halwa called Karha prasad is served along with food served to guest. Once the ceremony gets over after which the party takes place and it is full of wine and flavour in food which is all about great Punjabi cultural extravaganza.

The reception is merely confined to dancing session in which the evening is well spent with Bride and Groom dancing together on Bhangra steps and various Bollywood, Hollywood chart-busters thus enjoying the evening out with all the participants from the close family members and friends. https://www.muslimwedding.com In this way, the marriage is all about a well planned movie where the climax occurs only when needed or the life is all about Ji Puttar ji and Ji Damad ji or the same cliche Soniye makhne and life goes on!

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