The Most Significant Customs of Muslim Marriage

Posted on Mar 1, 2018      Admin

Muslim weddings are extremely religious based on custom and cultural beliefs forever. Muslim people have prevailed around the world; however they are a great follower to adhere old age customs and rituals depending on the cultural background. But they are the great follower of holy ‘Quran’ guides and teachings because they only believe in the supreme power of ‘God’ (Allah). Depending on the cultural background of well-matured couple what's about their wedding celebrations. The holy ‘Quran’ is a divine scripture plays a great role not only during special occasions. Marriage is a significant time of extra celebrations with full of joy and fun for cherishing the blissful union of the couple. What comes first to mind regarding celebrations ‘Nikah’ is the most prominent ceremony unites bride and groom in a lifetime relationship. A marriage contract is signed by the bride and groom to be lawfully acceptance of each other in the society. They are also inspired to adhere rights and responsibilities towards their matrimonial life. Let’s take look for more.

Mehndi is much interested and fun-loving custom where all the Muslim women are assembled to participate. A bride is applied with an artistic mehndi design as this seems like a festive occasion. This is a time of colorful celebrations including music, sangeet and dance.

Baraat (Procession) is the groom’s visit to the wedding venue to pick up bride by tying the nuptial knot. This journey is so exciting and fun-loving with music masti and dhamaal where the bride’s family is waiting for the warm welcome with garlands and sweets.

Nikah is the significant ceremony announces the official marriage alliance to the bride and groom. Muslim bride and groom are asked to express their will concerning marriage, but if they said, ‘yes’ this is a good news and time for celebrations. Nikah is considered a legal agreement between the couple and their family too. This contract includes lifetime vows and promises as well as obligations towards marital life, what they accept by signing it.

Valima is a grand reception party mainly hosted for welcoming of the bride into a new home. This is a traditional feast given to the distant relatives, friends and colleagues. In this function, there is a big dance floor where all the participants enjoy a lot together.

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