Muslim Wedding The Most Heart Warming Rukshat Ceremony

Posted on 8 May, 2018      Admin

Muslim wedding rukshat ceremony is a emotional departs of a beautiful princess from her home towards a new home to begin marriage journey with her husband. All the close relatives and family members shed tears at this moment when everyone eyes are moist with tears. Muslim bride looks like a princess on her matrimony and when it's a time to leave home really very emotional departure of princess towards a new home. From several months' marriage, preparations and arrangements were in process, everyone gets excited to enjoy such a pleasant function with lots of cheerful moments to make it a mesmerizing event. Rukshat is a post-wedding ritual to say goodbye to her family by receiving a lot of blessings for blissful marital journey. It is really a very emotional moment for the lovely bride and her family. Rukshat is also known as (Vidaai) ceremony. It normally occurs after every wedding where a bride is needed to say happy byes with many more hugging with her closest relative and dearest family members. During rukshat bride’s parents are appeared emotional a lot and says the hardest bye to their princess after Nikah.

When Muslim groom asks his better half to come with him, then a bride’s father comes there and hand over his daughter in the hand of a groom to take care the rest of life forever. A groom keeps promises to take care of everything that she needs to have a pleasant lifespan.

After getting a vast record of beautiful and mesmerizing memories including lots of fun-loving and exciting religious ceremonies, some guests stay and wait for rukshat. However some of them leaves wedding hall before. Islam is a great prominent religion with a number of good customs and traditions to seek good luck and blissful ending of a marriage alliance. Only Nikah is a long time custom practice where bride and groom both are asked to express their consent willingly for a marriage alliance if they said yes subhanallah this is a good time to enjoy celebrations. Then all religious head gives blessings to the newlywed couple and they are considered legal husband and wife after Nikah.

And thereafter accomplishing more religious formalities it's a time to depart from wedding venue that is truly expected after Nikah. It is an emotional moment, however the Muslim best man is waiting with excitement to pick up his better half towards his home. During rukshat every participant offers gifts and money as a token of love to a cute bride while sitting in the car. Now all religious custom ceremonies are done bride finally says goodbye that is known as Ruskshati.

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